Friday, November 21, 2014

Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Castile Soap

public service announcement.
Do not use recipes that mix vinegar and baking soda. The reaulting chemical reaction turns the baking soda to salt. Same goes for washing soda. It has breaks fown the cleaning power of your vinegar turning it to water.

Do not mix vinegar and castile soap, the reaction creates and gloopy globby mess that is also ineffective. All bloggers who's recipes mix these items clearly do not have a grasp on chemistry.

If you are in doubt of a recipe there are plenty of  chemistry related sites and blogs out there that will provide a a list of how and what reactions occurs

Also a side note: Borax is now coming into question as a possibly harmful environmental cleaning agent. I still use it in laundry soap, but I am now ommiting it from my other cleaners.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Healthy fears

Today my daughter and I were walking into the garage. We have a two door garage, one is manual. As I was pulling the door up she ran under it, my hand faltered. NOTHING HAPPENED. I caught it, things were fine. After a few deep breathes to calm myself down, I decided this was one of those "teachable lesson" moments.

I had a large bag of apples with me since we were coming home from the grocery store. I explained to her the door was heavy, so heavy that it could hurt her if it fell on her. Then I showed her the apple and reminded her mommy has to use a knife to cut the apple in the kitchen, and then I lightly dropped it on the ground so she could see that it doesn't break open (kinda crossing my fingers on that one). I told her we were going to see what the heavy garage door could do to the apple. I placed the apple down and let the door fall on it from less than half way up. BAM, APPLE SAUCE!

My three-year-old daughter jumped back wide-eyed. I raised the door and showed it to her better. I said to her, "if it hurt the apple that bad, do you think it could hurt you?" She stood there and after a second more staring at the apple she said, "yes." Then we talked about how she can only go under the door when Mommy says it's safe. I hope the talk sticks with her, but in the mean time, I at least feel better. I didn't get an important lesson slip past me even though I was exhausted and hungry.

I'm a firm believer in teaching children healthy fears about mortality. Sometimes it's by example (apple), sometimes its by experience (letting her face go under the water in a pool). I think I could do the same stunt for other things like dangers of cars, climbing, etc. ... I will make sure I spread it out though. I don't want her to come home one day with a giant mallet, $20 in fruit, carrying a Gallagher poster. But until I catch her with a watermelon telling me she's just, "hanging out." I think I found a good way to explain a few of life's dangers to her.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheese Pizza AGAIN

I am so very VERY tired of cheese pizza. Not that we're housing pizza down every night, But if we have pizza the 3 year old insists on getting cheese or she won't eat.

I couldn't take it anymore and almost didn't eat dinner a few nights ago. Then like all great epiphanies, necessity kicked my brain into gear and I came up with an idea. CHEESE PIZZA IS JUST A BLANK CANVAS!

I ran to my fridge and cheered. There in front of me were the makings of a gourmet slice of pizza. I threw on it prosciutto, argula, olive oil, and zested a lemon and added a little juice as well. I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds, topped it with some parmesan, and there it was. A SLICE OF PIZZA THAT WOULD COST ME AN ARM AND A LEG AT A FANCY PIZZERIA.

It was so incredibly good I had two more slices. I usually just have 1.

Now, I know not everyone likes fru-fru pizza. But I assume whatever is in your fridge is an example of how you like your pizza. But if you need ideas, find your favorite pizza place or nearby gourmet pizza place's online menu and look it over. Keep the ideas on file for the next Friday night when your small child yells, "I want pizza! Cheese pizza!"

A good pizza place I like to steal ideas from in Atlanta.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cost Effective Window Cleaner

This post will cover two window problems.
1) Windows retaining greasy appearance.
2) Windows with paint splatter from paint sprayers.

Greasy Residue
I have 3 main reasons why I do not use traditional window cleaning products routinely found in stores. They're full of harmful chemicals, they cost too much, and they never do a good job cleaning up greasy messes. I feel no matter what type of clothe I use or which cleaner I use grease on the window appears to smear around the window.

Solution, wet your preferred towel (clothe or paper) and add a dab of dish soap, and get your towel nice and soapy. Wipe your window down. While the window is still wet, dry the window with a dry towel. And that's all there is too it! If you feel you have a NASTY mess, before you dry the window go ahead and go back over the window with just a water soaked towel.

Paint Splatter stuck on window
This is a really easy fix. Make a baking soda paste out of water and baking soda. Use a clothe to scrub the window with the baking soda paste. Clean the window with water and repeat if you missed any spots. The really nice part is most paint sprayer splatter is on the outside of your house, just grab the hose! No need to be dainty when you clean the baking soda paste off.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reasons why Vinegar is good.

  1. A friend on facebook sent me this link a while back. There are a bunch of cool ways to use vinegar. Click here.
  2. Body odor. If you're feet are smelly or if your man has a problem zone that he just can't seem to clear the smell out of. Pour vinegar on it! Hydrogen Peroxide works well for this too. Make sure to wash the peroxide off though.
  3. If I had to pick one reason why I love cleaning with vinegar it would be this, my daughter loves to imitate me. She loves to clean with my squirt bottle and a towel. If I used anything like 409 I would chronically be in sheer fear that she would find my cleaner in an attempt t o be like mommy. Where with vinegar, I chuckle and just hand her my squirt bottle and smile.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Jumping Game

In a pinch for a fun activity for your kid? Go grab your blankets. It's time for the jumping game!

This one is super simple but fun for kids. Spread several folded blankets into a circle or giant square. I prefer bright, different colored blankets.

Game 1
Tell your child they are going to jump to the blanket you call out. "pink!" "blue!" "Snowflakes!"

Game 2
Join your child with some music and play musical jumping blankets.

Game 3
Count the blankets as you jump from one to the next in a circle. Count as high as the child can go and help them learn more numbers.

Game 4
Do any versions of letters, numbers, colors in a different language.

Game 5
If the blankets you are using were given or made for your child by someone, shout out the person's name who gave the child the blanket.

I'm sure there are other ideas I haven't come up with yet. But this is super simple, fun, and easy to get out and put back up. Just be aware, you will probably be asked to participate!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nasty Bathtub

Recently I was visiting _____ (name has been blanked to protect me from harm) and discovered a nightmare in their bathroom... their bathtub was brown. I mean, I can make a mess but seriously, a brown bathtub?? So I fixed it for them.

C's solution for nasty nasty tub-

Make a paste out of baking soda and water. Put a large quantity of the paste onto a rag and SCRUB! Normal soap scum will come up like butter, harder soap scum might take a small amount of elbow grease. I have found when stains get that bad, 409 won't help you, bleach is no good, and small scrubber on the back of a sponge, please you'll gum it up in 10 seconds.

Scrub tub, rinse with water, or clean out your rag and wipe the tub back down real quick.

And when you get done, not only will your tub be clean and sanitized, BUT IT WILL SHINE!