Monday, July 27, 2009

Child's Play

My daughter's birthday was very recent. At her party she received toy pots, pans, and fake food. My daughter is in love with these items, but alas, the poor child has NO WHERE to use them. She thought the idea of cooking on her table was wrong, plain wrong. I looked at Target and I do not have $130 to spend on a child's toy stove. That seems insane to me. My child is 2, she doesn't care anything about a $130 stove. So I dug a hole in my brain to come up with a solution... and there it was SIMPLE AS CAN BE! A cardboard box.

This is how I did it.
1. Wrap the box in craft paper or old Christmas paper turned inside out.
2. Fold a small piece of your paper to make the back of the stove for the knobs.
3. Cut a square out for the oven door using a steak knife, box cutter, or scissors.
4. Use string, pipe cleaner, anything you can find to make the oven handle. Punch small holes using your knife and tie a knot in your oven door material and slide the to-be handle through to the other end.
5. Paint, use marker, crayon, pen, or whatever you have on hand to make the stove eyes, knobs, and oven window. I used paint and used both my fingers and a paint brush. You could even have your child join in for an afternoon activity.
That is all there is to it. This project took me 40 minutes and $0. My daughter plays with the stove everyday and it can be easily moved from location to location unlike expensive store bought versions. I can even pack it up to take to grandma's or stash it in my daughter's closet with ease.
The part my husband likes the most about my creation is the clean up. Not only did my daughter lack a place to play with her kitchen toys, but we didn't have a place to store them. Now when she's done, we ask her to pop all the toys in the oven and viola! Instant clean up and organization all in a simple "package". :)

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