Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dog and Dishwasher Smells

I'll probably post a lot in the future about vinegar. My husband always laughs at K and I and quotes Chris Rock's, " 'tussin" routine but uses the word vinegar instead of " 'tussin". But currently I'm impressed with the ability of vinegar to correct all my "stanky" issues. Below are two I really like.

Solution to stanky dog:

Right now it is a hot MUGGY Georgia summer, BLECK! Every time I walk my dog and come back inside, I discover that she STINKS! She smells like she's run a marathon and all we did was go take a leak! Not to mention my dog has long wiry fur that tends to feel greasy quickly. This is sooo frustrating because I can't give her a bath without risking drying out her skin. Usually, she just had a bath within the past two days. But never fear, vinegar's here.

1. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

2. Spray dog.

3. Rub the solution down into the dog's fur.

And that's it! When the vinegar dries your dog won't smell of either vinegar or dog stank and his/her fur will look gorgeous and clean again!

Solution to stanky dishwasher:

Now K can tell you in my house the kitchen is always a wreck. ALWAYS. I work from home, my daughter is at home, and my husband is currently home as well. We just can't avoid making kitchen messes, WE'RE ALWAYS HERE! Our dishwasher constantly has dishes in it waiting fill up a load. Sometimes the dishwasher will sit for 2 or 3 days before one of us takes the time to finish loading it up. It never fails that the second you open the dishwasher door you are SMACKED silly by the odors of food residue I don't even want to think about! BUT THERE'S A SOLUTION that doesn't require you to alter your family's routine, because we all know that won't happen!

Pour a little vinegar into the base of the dishwasher and the vinegar eliminates the food odors! You might find that you do get a small whiff of vinegar when you open the door, but that is a far more tame smell the what can be otherwise lurking in a locked dishwasher for 2 days!

I also recommend this if you are headed out of town. Nothing like week old dishwasher stank to instantly return you to reality after a vacation.

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  1. FYI, I'm pretty sure that I was the one who made the Tussin analogy :)