Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Stupid Earbuds Won't Stay in My Wonky Ears!

So, my ears must be some kind of freak accident, because no earbud-style headphones will ever EVER stay in my ears. Especially when I'm running. Sh*t, I went to the pool today and was lying perfectly still there on the deck chair and the damned things STILL fell out of my ears. You might say, "K, why don't you buy a regular set of headphones and give up your earbuds?" That is a great question. To which I only respond that a combination of laziness mixed with a tight budget has prevented me from purchasing new headphones. Besides, I like to come up with ways to make things work on my own. So, without further adieu, I will share with you my simple yet satisfying way to make any old pair of annoying earbud headphones something with which you can lie at the pool and even go jogging, should you feel so inclined. It's amazingly simple, just like me:

1) Put your earbuds in.
Yeah, duh, right?

2) Find a visor
that you can adjust to fit your head size. If you don't have a visor, a sweatband that fits snugly around your head will do. You can use an old scarf, part of a towel... you just have to be able to fasten it around your head.

3) Adjust your visor/head band/do-rag so that it fits tight across your ears and your earbuds.

4) Go for a jog.

I have tried this many times with my silly earbuds and it works like a charm. I've used both sweatbands and a visor even on long runs, and the earbuds stay in place. So, no fiddling around with them while you're trying to get in the zone (or wherever you are trying to get...).

Simple, I know. But magical!

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