Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Jumping Game

In a pinch for a fun activity for your kid? Go grab your blankets. It's time for the jumping game!

This one is super simple but fun for kids. Spread several folded blankets into a circle or giant square. I prefer bright, different colored blankets.

Game 1
Tell your child they are going to jump to the blanket you call out. "pink!" "blue!" "Snowflakes!"

Game 2
Join your child with some music and play musical jumping blankets.

Game 3
Count the blankets as you jump from one to the next in a circle. Count as high as the child can go and help them learn more numbers.

Game 4
Do any versions of letters, numbers, colors in a different language.

Game 5
If the blankets you are using were given or made for your child by someone, shout out the person's name who gave the child the blanket.

I'm sure there are other ideas I haven't come up with yet. But this is super simple, fun, and easy to get out and put back up. Just be aware, you will probably be asked to participate!

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