Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheese Pizza AGAIN

I am so very VERY tired of cheese pizza. Not that we're housing pizza down every night, But if we have pizza the 3 year old insists on getting cheese or she won't eat.

I couldn't take it anymore and almost didn't eat dinner a few nights ago. Then like all great epiphanies, necessity kicked my brain into gear and I came up with an idea. CHEESE PIZZA IS JUST A BLANK CANVAS!

I ran to my fridge and cheered. There in front of me were the makings of a gourmet slice of pizza. I threw on it prosciutto, argula, olive oil, and zested a lemon and added a little juice as well. I popped it in the microwave for 20 seconds, topped it with some parmesan, and there it was. A SLICE OF PIZZA THAT WOULD COST ME AN ARM AND A LEG AT A FANCY PIZZERIA.

It was so incredibly good I had two more slices. I usually just have 1.

Now, I know not everyone likes fru-fru pizza. But I assume whatever is in your fridge is an example of how you like your pizza. But if you need ideas, find your favorite pizza place or nearby gourmet pizza place's online menu and look it over. Keep the ideas on file for the next Friday night when your small child yells, "I want pizza! Cheese pizza!"

A good pizza place I like to steal ideas from in Atlanta.

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